Obedience Pays Off

My 8th Grade history teacher made us outline. I hated outlining. I did everything I could to get out of outlining. Unfortunately, if I wanted to pass the class I had the learn to be obedient to her rules. College literature wasn’t much different. My professor wouldn’t allow us to wear hats in class. Like most college students I ignored his rules and fought the system. The system won. My ignorance followed me into my marriage, professional life, and family life. It took years of prayer and brokenness to become obedient. Now that I’ve recognized the problem and practice obedience in my daily life, I’ve learn to take what I’ve learned and practice biblical obedience to God. 

Obedience is:
the rule or authority that exacts conformance.

Obedience is not:
self-seeking, results driven, motivated by guilt, pressured, or based on fear.

Obedience in Action
Obedience starts with trust and ends in faith. In Ruth 3 we find 3 characters that walk in obedience. Let’s look at how they trusted God and it grew their faith.

Naomi was obedient to God’s plan for her people. She could have taken things into her own hands, but through faith she trusted in the system that God had established to care for his chosen people.

Ruth was obedient to Naomi and her God. Ruth trusted Naomi’s guidance and believed that Naomi’s God had established a system that she could faithfully trust. She did not take things into her own hands, she had learned that God’s system instructed her to be obedient to Naomi and the traditions of God’s people.

Boaz was obedient to God’s plan for his people. Boaz was honored that Ruth wanted to be his wife, yet he trusted God to reveal the plan. He desired to honor God’s ways more than Ruth’s love.

How could trusting God’s system enhance your faith, and ultimately help you grow in obedience?

The Pay Off
Like any good discipline, obedience has a natural pay off. When our obedience is in submission to God the pay off is supernatural. Obedience to God clears our mind, gives direction, shapes our world, and encourages Christ-like character.  

What would be your pay off?