Wall-Communion_Reflection_CrossHDTraditionally communion takes us to a time when Jesus shared the ceremonial Passover meal with his disciples leading to his crucifixion. It’s almost as if time shifted and creation trembled for the Passover meal took on new light and new meaning on that day. The effects of Jesus’ actions and words ushered in a new way of living that turned everything upside down. We are still unpacking the implications of what that first communion represented.

Communion is a time for us to reflect and worship Jesus in awe of what he did to create a way for mankind to be reconciled to the Father, but it’s so much more. Communion is a way of life. In our devotion to the Lord, our obedience to the Holy Spirit, our surrendered lives, and our fellowship with one another we participate in communion. Over the next four weeks we will explore four ways we can daily participate in communion. John 6:47-51 / 1 Corinthians 10:16-17 (ESV) 

Daily Communion

This Weeks Preparation 

  1. How can your encounters with Jesus intensify?
  2. How can you learn to discern the Spirit’s voice?
  3. How can you more fully embody your spiritual transformation?
  4. How can you grow your connections to Christians?