3 Reasons People Find Favor with God


Yesterday there was a woman and her baby that nearly missed an oncoming car. A Family avoided their home’s burning by minutes. A gentleman received his perfect job, and a sterile couple found out they were pregnant. Someone overcame cancer, mended a relationship, and fell in love. And all of these happened without the participants knowing.

You see Gods favor is not always something you see. God’s favor weaves stories together every day. The story of Ruth clearly reveals she is not aware of God’s favor, yet God is still actively engaged in every thought, choice, and action she makes. Lets look at her story in Ruth 2, and observe some of the qualities that make her deserving of His favor and identify how this applies to you. (Read through Ruth 2)

Life is messy. It’s hard enough to face the inevitable messes of life. When you become a follower of Christ you face the natural and supernatural messes of this world and beyond. I can only assume that Ruth was desperate to provide for she and Naomi, but in her desperation there was hope. Hope that she would find favor from others. She not only found favor from Boaz, she found favor from God. Her willingness to get messy (sacrifice and surrender herself) opened the door for God to pour out His blessing.

How you become more willing to get messy?

Loyalty is a treasure that many have thrown in the closet. In today’s world it’s much more acceptable to cut losses and move on when things are hard. Ruth’s loyalty to Naomi and her God were unwavering even in the hardest of circumstances. Loyalty is not determined by convenience it is chiseled out of commitment through good and bad times.

How can you be more loyal to those you serve?

There’s light at the end of the tunnel is outdated and overused. The truth is there is light in the midst of any darkness if you open your eyes. Ruth’s eyes were opened. She believed in Naomi and her God. More than likely she was aware of the stories of how God continued to provide for God’s people through the worst of times. She believed that for she and Naomi. You need to believe that God can take the worst things in life provide for our needs.

How can you better see the bright side?

God’s favor is available to everyone. Those that express the above while seeking to honor and Glorify God will find favor; not because of what they do, but because of the heart behind their actions. Is bringing honor and Glory to God the heart behind your actions? How can you better align with God?